Avoid These Mistakes When Trying to Sell Your House Faster

The ability to objectively look at a house does much to aid in the selling process. A seller who’s not willing to be flexible or make changes may see fewer bids and less traffic, and there are many other ways a seller can inadvertently derail the process. Owners can potentially sell their homes faster by avoiding these mistakes.

Disregarding the Emotional Factor

Purchasing a house isn’t just a financial choice, it’s an emotional one, too. When sellers think back to their first home purchase, they may recall the hopes and dreams that went along with it. With this in mind, staging and minor upgrades can help a seller make the home more compelling while creating a bit of emotional distance.

Not Choosing the Right Agent

First-time home sellers may have a hard time attempting an FSBO (for sale by owner) transaction. Even though they get a commission, a reliable agent can increase the chance of a fast sale. In addition, an agent can help to stage the home, set a fair asking price, and remove the stress of dealing with buyers. These agents can help sellers negotiate the sale and handle problems as they arise.

Not Setting the Right Price

The correct asking price can attract a segment of the market that’s most likely to buy. The first 30 days of a listing are crucial, and sellers see the most traffic during this time. While underpricing a home can generate more interest, overpricing can keep it on the market longer. A seller who’s dead set on an asking price may have a harder time finalizing a sale, and all listed prices should have some room for negotiation.

Not Being Sufficiently Accommodating

While it can be hard to show a property on little notice, sellers need to make some adjustments to accommodate buyers’ schedules. It’s inconvenient to organize and clean a home before a viewing, but not taking the time can reduce the potential buyer pool.

These mistakes, among others, can reduce the chances of a successful sale. Talk to an agent to get additional tips to sell your house and attract buyers’ interest.