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Apparatus of Free Diving and Its Benefits

Of the many forms of underwater diving that exist, free diving is one of them. Skin diving and breath-hold diving are other terms that are used instead of free diving. Unlike in scuba diving where a diver uses a scuba gear, free diving, as the name suggests does not allow a diver to use any breathing apparatus. In lieu, you are supposed to hold your breath while inside the water until you resurface. But to be able to dive comfortably, there are basic gears that you must possess.

Free diving is an involving activity. People who participate in this activity do it for leisure. If you are a lover of water, you cannot have enough of it. All these coupled up together make free diving a diverse form of activity for everyone. A free diver is required to have the following. A low volume mask which functions to equalize the air between the air spaces and your lungs. To minimize dragging, you need a snorkel. You also needs fins that are not only long but also flexible. The power that is needed to keep on diving is accelerated by the fins, this is despite them being very expensive. You can get various kinds of fins. The materials that make fins are many and this gives a diver an array of options.

Neoprene socks is the next category of tools. In the water, there are various objects. These range from marine life to rocks. There is a high possibility of some of these objects harming your feet. A diver requires a pair of neoprene socks to protect the feet from any possible harm. This will also protect your feet from cold. The other diving equipment is known as a wetsuit. This forms the major diving apparatus. It is this equipment that covers the whole body. A wetsuit comes in two pieces. This functions to keep your body protected from cold water. To allow for flexibility and satisfaction when diving, the wetsuit should be customized to fit a diver. Weights are the last equipment that you need. Weights are meant to make you lighter in case of anything. This allows you to become lighter when you encounter any form of difficult in the process of diving.

There are other benefits that individuals get from free diving. One way of relieving stress and anxiety and this has been shown by statistics is through diving.

Free diving allows divers to engage in breathing exercises. As a result, lungs perfume better. Every diver is expected to hold their breath while in the water. The process of holding one’s breath in the water for a long time make lungs stronger. As a result of free diving on often times, the more one exercises. As a result, the breathing system performs better.

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