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DIY Logo for Your Brand

Memorable business logos are vital when you’re aiming to have your brand stand out from the competition. Logos act as the graphic representations of the brand or business. Business owners place these symbols on business cards, advertising materials and stationery items; the logos are visual symbols that incite recognition from those who see it. Aside form the facts that were mentioned, logos are the first thing that potential clients lay their eyes on so it’s important to create a logo that will appeal to them.

Professionally designed logos can mark the beginnings of a business journey and it also means that you’re serious about the venture. Logo design service can cost a small fortune, so be sure that it’s worth every dollar you spent. Those that want to redesign their logo or want to enter the logo design market should take note of the following tips.

The Opinion of the Target Audience

Designing a logo on your own might be tricky at first but it can also be simple and easy. Before beginning with your logo, take into account some of the important initial factors like the target audience and the nature of the business. On one hand, it’s great if you like the logo you came up with but the opinion of the target audience is more important. Let’s stay that you’re the most conservative person in the world but the logo you’re creating is for the younger crowd so it’s likely that your opinion will differ, thus the target audience’s opinion comes first.

Keep the Design Simple

The most effective logos inspire loyalty as well as trust and it’s not required to showcase every single service or product offered by the company. In reality, the simpler the logo the better. If you’re aiming to grab the full attention of potential customers and remind the current ones of what the business can offer, a cluttered logo won’t do the business any good. What we mean are bold lines and clean designs without all the distracting elements, so the focus stays on the message of the logo.

Typography Factors

Typography is one factor that can either be hit or miss with logos. Since there are tons of colours and fonts available, you might get distracted and go for complex logo designs featuring a handful of fonts and colours. A single logo with too many colours and fonts causes the logo to lose its overall cohesion. The main reason why businesses take time and effort into creating logos is to make sure that their business sticks in their client’s mind, so distracting logos with ineffective typography defeats the purpose.

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