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How to Build Relationships with Influencers on Twitter

All the things we do in our lives are swayed by a particular thing or person in our surroundings. Our perspectives are normally motivated positively or negatively. The environment in which we co-habit evokes actions in a particular manner and the people in our network encourage or deject our responsiveness to factors affecting us.

Influence is so powerful in business such that if people are not compelled to act in your favor, your business will not be successful. Hence, corporations are in pursuit of endorsement from the public figures in our society who make people respond positively or negatively towards various issues. They are usually well informed on matters in their industry and people have faith in their opinions. Individuals have a high regard for them and what they say.

The kind of influencers we have today are assorted and their number has risen as a result of the growing popularity of digital marketing. They now include individuals who utilize social media platforms to broadcast their opinions over various matters. Working with these people is important because they have the ability to improve the performance of your business by endorsing your products and services, and reaching out to their large crowd advising them to follow suit.

Appealing to influencers needs one to have a reciprocal relationship with them. You have to get connected to them visibly before making any proposals. To start with, identify the key individuals in your field who provide compelling discussions and follow them. They should have a constant online presence and the tendency to promote issues related to your business. Stay tuned to their network and show your support by retweeting their tweets, providing links to their articles, and commenting on their posts regularly.

To make them notice you, you can feature them in your posts and link the posts to your Twitter account. Quite often, they appreciate the gesture and retweet posts in appreciation. To intensify your pursuit, send them direct messages telling them that you appreciate their work and do it in moderation. All this time, ensure that the content of your sites utilizes keywords that are relevant to your potential influencers so that they can easily find you and find relevance in your work. These influencers are also in search of support in one way or the other.

When the time is right, engage them with your proposal and make sure it favors both sides. Be specific, objective, and honest about what you want and your offer. When they accept your offer, ensure that you come through as proposed. Make sure you deliver everything you promised exactly as proposed or even better. If they don’t, remain connected to them and improve on your work to succeed in future proposals. Remain honestly connected even at the close of a deal and involve them in other prospects. This way, your relationship with them will improve as it progresses and become more beneficial.