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The Process Followed In Home Construction

Home construction is a process that has different stages but not many know what is done. Many people only want to see a fully completed house, nothing more. But it is essential you know what is done during construction because you will be able to estimate how long the building will take, the cost incurred, manpower and man-hours involved. This is not a comprehensive detailed article, but at least you will have an idea of what goes on in construction of homes.

There must be floor plans for the whole building before construction commences. Once done, the plans must be submitted to the municipal officer. A building permit will only be issued after the municipal officer has approved the plans. Also, the homebuilders must inspect the site and examine the soil, capacity of the ground and other environmental tests.

This entails preparation of the land where the construction is bound to take place. The topsoil of the site is removed. The next thing done is excavation of the site. What follows is the formation and pouring of the footings which are concrete slabs that will support the foundation. Next, the wall foundations are created. Here, the homebuilders will ask for your opinion on the design of the floors.

The Skeleton
At this stage, the skeleton of the building is put up. Even though there are a lot of techniques that can be applied, the most common is exterior sheeting. In this third stage, the windows and doors are installed. You should know that the frames can be lifted in place after they have been constructed on the ground.

The basement is a crucial step in the construction of the house it is important that this be the point the basement installation is done. One more thing that will be done at this stage is electrical wiring, heating and cooling not forgetting the plumbing works. The inspection of the house by the city engineer is also at this point of the construction. Inspection is done to the house to ensure that it is safe for those that will leave in it the workers that are continuing with the job.

The Inside and Outside Works
This is considered as almost being the final stage. A lot of work is done at the same time and this means that the timing has to be correct to ensure the outcome is good and on schedule. The Erection of the heating up systems of the house are set up from the outside and the cooling systems as well. It is also at this stage that the vapor barrier is applied. Painting of the walls and the upper part of the house is done at this point. The wardrobes with the draws and those that are just for hanging are set up and the floor is plastered permanently at this stage.

You ought to know that there are a lot of details that are involved in construction, but the above are only highlights. The contractor that you have given the job need to keep you up to date with every stage that and everything that happens to ensure that you make changes where necessary.

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