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An an establishment which sells flowers to the public is referred to as a flower shop. A florist is a person who sells or grows for sale flowers and ornamental plants.

Floristry refers to the production and trade in flowers. It encompasses flower care and handling, flower arranging, merchandising, display and flower delivery. Wholesale florists sell bulk herbs to experts in the trade while retail florists offer fresh flowers to consumers. In the year 1875, the first establishment that sold flowers came into business

Floristry encompasses flower cultivation, floral design and trade in flowers for financial benefit. Much of the raw material supplied for the floristry trade comes from the cut flowers industry. Flowers are not only sold in online shops and flower shops but also in garden supply stores, petrol stations, and supermarkets.

The creation of plans or arrangements from flowers which have already been cut is called floral design. Floristry, which differs from floristics, refers to the study of distribution and relationships of different plant species which are found in a given area.The cultivation of flowers and vegetables with the purpose of selling them when they mature at a profit is called gardening. Florists should have the ability to create a variety of floral designs such as wreaths and bouquets, which is very important.

The floristry industry has a vital sector, education. Florists who are established, and artists too, impart their craft to students who may be interested in floral design as a hobby or a career. . Professional florists never lack work to do since most games, whether social, such as weddings, or corporate, such as meetings, require flowers to make them look physically appealing. Floral designs and arrangements in a church, mostly during weddings, is done mainly by individuals who do not ask for payment.

Different countries have their style of arranging flowers. This is dependent on what flower varieties are available, and the country’s way of life.

In a typical situation, florists organize flowers according to season and holiday. The purposes of flowers in diverse religions are not the same. There is a variation in events and festivals where flowers are utilized.

Some flowers sold in a flower shop are used to remember fallen soldiers in individual countries. The factors that determine the type of flowers that people will choose are the ethnic group and the meaning which the colour of the flower embodies in their culture. Some colours that are found in flowers may be related to issues such as proper luck of love.

A red rose might communicate love in some cultures, while in others, it may be considered indecent.

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