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RV Storage Tips for When You Store Your RV

While many families and RV owners love to use their RV during the entire year, there are certain seasons where driving an RV around just isn’t feasible. During those seasons, it’s in your best interest to store your RV somewhere safe. Leaving it outside of your home can force it to be exposed to harsh weather. This can damage the RV. Because it’s unused, rodents and pests can also find their way inside and make it their new home. In many cases, too, RV owners just don’t have the space to store their RV at their own home. Both of these situations require you to search for an rv storage facility bremerton wa that is reputable and offers quality storage. Here are a few tips for when you store your RV.

Find The Right Facility

Before you store your RV, it’s important to first consider your options. Many facilities offer storage for RVs and other vehicles but not every facility actually has the lot size or security to do so effectively. You should take the time to research each facility carefully before choosing one. Consider some of the perks that they might offer for RV storage and if those perks are worth the price of storing the RV there. Once you’ve made your decision, you’re ready for the next tip.

Clean Out Inside

It may be convenient to just leave your dishes, extension cords, and other bits and odd ends in the RV. However, if your RV’s security is breached, then you want to make sure there isn’t anything there that can be stolen. Your RV is a sitting gem for certain thieves. It can be quite easy to break into an RV. Your best option is to remove anything of value–even seemingly small stuff–so that nothing is stolen in the first place. Make sure that you also remove any paperwork or documentation that you keep stored in your RV, too.


While it may seem silly to give your RV a tune-up before you place it into storage, this is a tip that helps ensure that your RV is ready to go when you bring it back out of storage. Have a crew inspect the engine, gas tank, tires, basically everything to ensure that it is storage-ready and at the top of its game. When you’re eager to break the RV out and go camping, you won’t have to worry about oil changes or any of the big ticket items before you can go have fun. It will have all been handled already.

Tarp It

One last tip is for those RV owners who store their RV in a place that doesn’t offer covered storage. To keep your RV protected, you should either invest in a tarp or see if the facility offers tarps themselves. Covering your RV up can keep it safe from rain, snow, and even the harsh sun during hot days.