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What Makes a Good Security Guard

Private security guards have become prevalent fixtures in both government and private organizations. Their duties and their level of training and expertise vary from organization to organization. However, there are certain skills and characteristics that all good security guards share.

They’re Fit

Security guards don’t have to possess a Mr. Universe physique, but they need to be fit. Standing and walking for hours and possible confrontations with offenders are two areas that could test a guard’s fitness. Security guards should also look presentable and reputable. Regular exercise and healthy eating can help guards perform at their best.

They’re Honest

Security guards carry a lot of responsibility, often overseeing millions of dollars of equipment and real estate and ensuring the safety and security of hundreds of people. They protect their employers from criminals. Good security guards make you feel safe.

They’re Alert

Good security guards are focused and always aware of their surroundings. They’re quick to act when a breach occurs. They practice situational awareness and can sense potential problems.

They’re Good Communicators

Good security guards have good writing and speaking skills. They’re able to give orders and directions in a clear, direct voice. They may find themselves having to talk down a potential threat. Guards also have to accurately document incident and status reports.

They’re Dedicated

Private security guards represent a major player in the protective services field. They perform a variety of duties and their presence can be seen in all walks of life. Good guards take their work seriously and are dedicated to their employer. They’re proud to wear the uniform and display this pride in their actions.

The need for good security guards will continue to grow in the future as the world become more insecure. Whether they patrol a shopping mall or a military installation, security guards will continue to be a part of everyday life.