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Get a Taste of Texas with These 4 Foods

There’s a saying that “Everything is bigger in Texas,” but any Texan will tell you, when it comes to food, things are also better in Texas. There is a lot for which the Lone Star State is famous, but perhaps nothing has captured hearts, minds and stomachs quite like Texan cuisine. Unlike other regions that are well-known for a specific dish or dessert, Texas boasts a variety of food among its featured fare. Here are some of the most mouth-watering morsels.


The best things in life come to those who wait, and that certainly seems to be the case with Texan barbecue. The slow-cooking technique requires a lengthy preparation time, and then there are the incredibly long wait lines of hungry individuals. It’s all worth it, however, once you sink your teeth into a tender, juicy and delicious barbecue brisket. Just don’t expect the chef to share his or her secret sauce or spice rub recipe.

Cajun Cuisine

Most often associated with Louisiana, Texas’ Gulf Shore also specializes in this delicacy. These spicy dishes often contain a heaping helping of onion, bell pepper and celery and are typically served with rice. Be sure to sample the state’s blackened catfish, steamed crabs and chicken and sausage gumbo Sealy TX.


Texas is famous for its chili cook-offs and festivals. As the official state dish, chili is almost more artform than food. While chefs often tweak the ingredients to come up with a signature taste, there’s one thing all real Texan chili has in common: it doesn’t contain beans.

Pecan Pie

No food list would be complete without dessert, and if you’re in Texas, that means pecan pie. The state trails only Georgia in pecan production in the U.S., and Texans have clearly found a good use for all those nuts. While pecan pie may be a popular holiday dessert in other states, as the official state pie, Texans enjoy it all year long.

If you plan on visiting Texas, go hungry. The state offers some of the finest cuisine in all of the United States.