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SEO Experts Share Their Top 5 Guidelines To Recover Your Brand From The COVID-19 Crisis

In these hard times, it can feel like you are never going to recover from the COVID-19 crisis but with enough work and diligence you can come out of all this smelling like roses. SEO experts in Minneapolis have come up with plenty of ways for you to beat the system and come out on top.

There are millions of guidelines that could be provided, but we will only be going over five in this article today; these guidelines will be the foundation for you to rebuild on.

My first guideline is proper communication

What this means is that you want your customers or consumers to be completely up-to-date with everything concerning your brand. What this will have you doing is making sure that if a customer has a question about how to get a hold of you then you will always have an answer.

Not having an answer right off the bat for them to see might cause them to take their business elsewhere entirely and this can be catastrophic for you. So release updates as often as you can and always have a phone number and email listed on your website for your customers.

My second guideline is get a lot reviews

Having your brand thoroughly reviewed is one of the most important goals for you to strive towards; this is because having yourself reviewed puts you out there more and will get you more exposure.

More exposure will equal more sales and that is exactly why getting a lot of reviews will always equal more sales. This is a double-edged sword because if you get poor reviews, then it will do a major blow to your sales; eventually having the opposite effect on your brand.

My third guideline is to separate your products or services

What this means is to have separate landing pages for every single one of your products or services, and the reason that this is such an effective strategy is quite simple. When someone is seeking out specific services or products they may stumble on one offered by you, and it will be very simple for them to find since it doesn’t share a page with something else.

They have already found one of your products or services, so now they will notice others offered by you and you have made multiple sales with no extra effort on your part.

My fourth guideline is that keywords are your friend

You can’t have a conversation about SEO and not have keywords come up at least once,

and this is because it has to be one of the most important aspects of SEO. Making sure that you have proper keywords attached to your brand can mean the difference between success and failure.

When choosing the keywords for your brand just make sure to target the exact niche that you’re involved in. This can be done by doing extensive market research to ensure that you are being seen by your future customers.

My fifth and final guideline is to follow all regulations

The regulations that have put in place are there for a reason and should be followed to a T. Not doing so won’t just cause problems for your SEO; it will destroy your entire brand and will ruin consumer image in the long run.


With this crisis going rampant it is important to remember that with the help of the SEO experts in Minneapolis you can overcome anything that’s thrown at you.