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Stargirl – Into the Multiverse

The Stargirl tv show that’s executive produced by

<a href=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XZ3HcFL1sAQ”>Geoff Johns</a> is an exciting entry into the pantheon of DC superhero shows. It follows the story of Courtney Whitmore who inherits the cosmic staff in order to fight crime. But, her show is just one piece in the bigger multiverse of DC shows. Here are some things to know about Stargirl and where it sits in the multiverse.

Stargirl’s Universe

For years,

<a href=”https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stargirl_(TV_series)”>DC</a> has built a small screen franchise consisting of shows like Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow, etc. At first, shows like Supergirl didn’t exist in the same world as the aforementioned shows. DC introduced the multiverse to change that. The Crisis on Infinite Earths event rebooted their tv multiverse and merged almost all of their existing network television shows on to one Earth named “Earth Prime”. Stargirl, one of the first new series to premiere after Crisis, takes place on the newly formed Earth 2. This new universe opens the door to new characters to make their debuts such as the Justice Society and new villainous characters like the Injustice Society.

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Opportunity for New Characters

The cool thing about multiverses is that you can see more characters. Stargirl being on another Earth means viewers can meet new heroes like Hourman, Wildcat and Dr. Mid-Nite and explore new stories that might have been constrained if they took place in the same world as 5 other series. Stargirl mentions the original Justice Society included heroes like Green Lantern and Dr. Fate. In future seasons, it might be possible to meet new iterations of these heroes as Courtney expands her team. New villains can also emerge in this new universe when the show teases the team’s adventures in future seasons too. The opportunity is boundless for great stories when you have a sandbox of multiple realities to play in.</p>

Let Them Cross

As far as meeting heroes from other universes, if DC did it once, they can do it again. By establishing a multiverse, you can build individual stories and leave an option open to cross over in very impactful ways. By launching shows like Stargirl, DC allows audiences to grow to love the characters without having to step on other heroes’ toes. But, new villains can always arise who threaten Stargirl’s universe as well as others, forcing realities to work together.

Stargirl is a show with the opportunity to fully explore Courtney Whitmore’s story as well as her compatriots in the new generation of the Justice Society. But, her story is one in a multiverse of tales that DC is telling. It’s awesome to think that her universe is among a big roster of universes for audiences to explore and maybe one day see meet.