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Also known as steel angle or angle bar, angle iron is an L shaped piece of metal used in the construction of buildings. The reason why it is called angle is that it always has a 90-degree angle. Due to its shape, they are stable and can withstand massive amounts of pressure and weight.

Angle iron is manufactured by the use of high strength low alloy steel. In other cases, manufacturers make use of hot-rolled carbon steel.

In this article, we are going to look at the various uses of angle iron.

Let’s dive into details.

  • Offer support to structures

It was stated earlier that angle iron is stable and can withstand a lot of pressure. That is the sole reason why angle iron is used to provide structural support.

When an architect is looking to support columns and beams, they almost always opt for angle iron. The same applies when they want vertical and horizontal support for towers and various buildings.

One of the major uses of angle iron in everyday life is in the construction of bridges and engineering. It is instrumental in such tasks as they render the desired strength for these tasks. In this case, architects and construction experts use heavy angle iron.

  • Furniture construction

One current trend we have seen is the use of angle bars in constructing furniture structures such as beds and chairs. Angle bars are, in this case, used to provide extra support to the furniture. That way, the furniture is stable and resistant to breakages. This makes it ideal for commercial use, as well as, the best option for households with children that love to jump and play on furniture.

  • Shelving units

One of the most common uses of angle iron is witnessed in shelving units. Most households use angle bars to support shelves anchored on the wall. They provide much-needed support and prevent the shelves from crumbling down when heavy items are placed on it.

Due to their industrial appearance, angle bars are mostly used in the laundry room or the garage. However, several homeowners still use them in other rooms.

  • Corner and edge reinforcement

In a construction project, angle bars are used to reinforce sharp corners and edges. By doing so, the structure can withstand wear and tear caused by weather. This means the building lasts longer and does not corrode or chip easily.


As you can see, angle iron is vital in construction projects. However, to make sure they serve you for longer, make sure to use galvanized angle bars. Galvanized angle iron has a protective covering that prevents it from premature rusting or corrosion. That way, your structures are not compromised and can withstand the test of time.